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Based in the Southeast, our executive team consists of disciplined military leaders, business owners, and real estate professionals with a combined experience of close to 20 years in real estate

Our core values are

honor, integrity, and accountability

Shelon “HUTCH” Hutchinson

Owner / Co-Founder

Shelon “Hutch The Marine Investor” Hutchinson is a Master Gunnery Sergeant (E-9) in the United States Marine Corps. Throughout his 25-year career, he has served in many leadership roles in Marine Corps aviation. He has been awarded several personal awards for his job performance. He has created and led teams of various sizes that performed effectively in training and combat operations. Hutch has successfully executed over $2.4 million in single-family real estate transactions, including over $870k as a real estate agent (currently inactive), and Co-Sponsored over $131m in multifamily property acquisitions totaling 1,018 units in the Southeast and Texas.  Hutch is a member of the Raise Master's Mastermind.  Hutch has earned a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  He has been the "Husband of Athena" for 22 years and the father of three beautiful children. 


Phone: 850-466-8490

Heath G. Jones, Ph.D.

Owner / Co-Founder

Heath G. Jones, Ph.D. is a professional researcher with a degree in Neuroscience. He has over 15+ years of experience with data collection, analysis, and interpretation. He has developed and managed several NIH and DoD-funded research projects totaling over 3.1 million in budget dollars. Heath brings his laser-focus, determination, and passion that has helped him succeed in the tough world of science to the world of real estate investing. Within their first three months of real estate investing, he and his wife acquired two multifamily properties and closed on 3 additional SFRs within their first year. Dr. Heath has Co-Sponsored over $21m in multifamily property acquisition totaling 352 units in the Southeast. In his free time, he spends as much time with his family as possible, rocks out the guitar and piano, and competes in Ironman events. In addition to this, he loves recording and editing, “The Multifamily Real Estate Experiment Podcast”, which he co-hosts with his partner, Hutch “The Marine Investor”. 


Phone: 334-470-1221

Drew Kniffin

Senior Advisor

Drew Kniffin has a corporate finance and real estate investing career that spans a decade. 

After finishing graduate school (JD/MBA), Drew was an investment banker providing valuation analysis and preparing small companies for refinance or sale events. 

From there Andrew worked at a Fortune 500 company, where he negotiated and implemented Joint Ventures in Asia, Central America, and South America. 
Drew began his full-time real estate career in 2008, focusing on acquiring cash-flowing properties that maintain value throughout the economic cycle. 
In addition to being an investor, Drew has been featured on multiple podcasts and also coaches aspiring multifamily real estate investors.  Today, Drew controls 1,500 units across the United States with a collective valuation in excess of $85 million. Drew lives in Seattle, WA with his wife and four tax credits.


Brian Briscoe

Strategic Advisor

Brian is a principal and founding member of the real estate investment firm Four Oaks Capital, LLC.  Brian is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Marine Corps and brings years of leadership and management experience to his real estate investments. As a Marine officer, he has proven his ability to plan, lead, and effectively accomplish missions in both training and combat situations. He has earned graduate degrees from both the University of Utah and Naval Postgraduate School and is currently stationed at the Pentagon. He has actively invested in real estate since 2007. Brian is an “Advisor” in Michael Blank’s Deal Maker Mastermind and a member of Michael's “Elite Investor Club.”   Brian serves as an Advisor to the H Squared Capital Team. 


Robert Preston

Market Advisor

Robert Preston in the Sponsor and CEO of MGRA Group LLC. Robert Preston graduated from Clemson University in 2005 with a BS in Economics. After graduation, he was accepted in the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and went on to earn his designation as an MV-22 Osprey Pilot in 2008.  Since then, Robert has served his country in Afghanistan and around the world.  He is currently a flight school instructor.  He has been actively investing in real estate since 2013.

Robert specializes in residential commercial real estate. Specifically, he searches for and acquires value-add acquisitions that produce a yield through the life of the investment in the B and C Classes.  He has a proven track record of using private money to fund real estate investments.  His previous single-family home rehabilitation experience gives him the needed expertise to manage contractors, sub-contractors, and materials for multi-unit rehabilitations.  Robert’s three years of experience as a rehabber and landlord, combined with his ten years of experience as a Marine Corps Officer, provides him with the leadership and discernment necessary to be a highly effective asset manager.  Awarded “Investor of the Year” for 2014 by the Professional Investors Guild of Pensacola,  Robert has had formal education in Commercial Real Estate and Mobile Home & RV Parks.  Robert serves as an Advisor to the H Squared Capital Team.

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