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Our team at H Squared Capital believes that our investors' best interests are our best interests. We understand that creating and maintaining your financial freedom can be a daunting task.

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We are focused on acquiring B and C class properties that are fairly priced, poorly managed, and present value added opportunities.

Property Management

Prior to closing, our Asset Managers and Property Manager (PM) will work with the Seller and their representatives to ensure a smooth transition in the transfer of management.

Stabilize the Property

Each property is unique in the amount of time it takes to become stabilized. This means fully rented at market rent rates. 

Generate Income

Our business plan typically includes a hold time of five to eight years. During this time, we get the property performing at or above expectations.

H Squared Advantage

Why H Squared Capital?


Capital Preservation

Daily fluctuation in the stock market creates concerns for investors. At any time their investment account could be valued less than their initial invested capital. Real estate syndication investments are also susceptible to risk. However, in most cases, your initial invested capital will be preserved. Our company goes through a very strict and conservative underwriting which buffers our investments from larges changes in the economy. ​


Cash Flow Through Passive Income

The properties that we acquire have to cash flow from day one. Our investors receive monthly or quarterly distribution directly to an account of their choice.


Our targeted returns are:
8%+ CoC 
13%+ IRR
2x+ total returns


Economy of Scale

There are many ways to invest in real estate. Investing in a syndication provides you the economy of scale.

Syndications provide you with opportunities that you, as a single investor, would not be able to accomplish by yourself.

Experience and Sophistication

H Squared principals have extensive experience investing capital from various sources and closing highly complex real estate transactions.

Hands-on Management Team

H Squared is led by a seasoned, hands­-on management team that is actively involved in all aspects of the investment process.

Flexible Structures

H Squared will consider most property types & structures and is flexible in tailoring solutions to meet the specific characteristics of a given transaction. 

Speed of Execution

H Squared maintains a well­-deserved reputation for executing various types of debt and equity investments with consideration of sellers' closing periods.

How can H Squared help you today?

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