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We have assembled a team of advisors with years of real estate investing experience that helped us develop a winning strategy for delivering long term dividends to our investors.

Fantastic team of experienced operators

The H Squared Capital team believes our investors' best interests are our best interests.

We understand that creating and maintaining your financial freedom can be a daunting task.

Our Company History

Founded in 2020, the H Squared Capital team has grown from refurbishing single-family homes to scouting and acquiring larger properties including apartment buildings and commercial properties. Our team consists of highly disciplined military leaders, medical and real estate professionals.


Our strategy includes continually searching for long term growth. We are consistently adding to our portfolio of investment properties.

Meet The Founders

Shelon “HUTCH” Hutchinson




Heath Business.jpg
Heath G. Jones, PhD




What we do at H Squared Capital...

Find Properties to Buy

Our team will locate potential investments, negotiate the contracts, and perform the due diligence to acquire the assets. 

Shaking Hands
Connect Investors

A business plan for each property is provided to potential investors so who then can decide if they would like to contribute to the purchase and receive the potential returns.

Investment Chart
Generate Passive Income

Investors will receive regular checks from the cash flow generated from the rental income of the performing assets they help to acquire.

How can H Squared help you?

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