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Diversification is an Important Reason to Invest in Real Estate Syndication.

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Diversification is a principle that investors often use to reduce risk by assigning different investments across various asset classes and sectors, which can help you avoid losses when an individual sector or market crashes.

Investing in a real estate syndication provides diversification that is not directly tied to the stock market. In real estate, your investment could include high-value properties and lower-income housing units. More specifically, you might consider investing in syndication that pools capital to invest in multiple asset classes like apartments, mobile home parks, and industrial and commercial spaces.

This isn't just "diversity" within the industry—it's diversity between industries. If you were only invested in commercial office buildings, for instance, your portfolio would be hugely impacted if there was a major recession and office vacancies skyrocketed (which has happened before). But if you're also invested in apartments and low-income housing, you would be less exposed to that risk.

A diversified portfolio can help provide stability and balance should one investment tank—a necessary element of any successful long-term strategy.

What's more, not all major cities are equally affected by recessions (or recoveries), so if a metropolitan area is hit hard or isn't expected to rebound soon, there may still be thriving markets in other parts of the country where your money could work just as well while minimizing exposure to risks associated with an individual city or region.

In addition, when property prices fluctuate at different rates within a particular metro market during periods of high volatility, it might make sense for investors who don't want their investments tied up indefinitely in holding periods to diversify by buying in other markets that are not as volatile. For instance, we might see the prices of a particular city's luxury apartments drop while middle-income housing stays relatively stable.

As long as you're still getting an adequate return on your investment and there is enough income being generated from rents or sales, this asset allocation strategy can effectively mitigate risk without sacrificing returns.

For all of these reasons, diversification by investing in real estate syndications may be the best way to protect your portfolio and increase long-term returns.

With the volatility in our economy, it's hard to know what direction the stock market is heading. There is an alternative that can provide better returns than investing in stocks: apartment syndication! The key to success for any investor is diversification, and apartment syndication provides you with both geographic AND economic diversification.

If this article piqued your interest in investing in real estate, then congratulations – there’s never been a better time than now to invest in income-producing assets! For more information on getting involved in a value-add multifamily syndication deal, please contact me at or Dr. Heath Jones at You can also visit our website at We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help get you started on the path to financial success through multifamily investing!

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